Reviewing LORIBORIII’S Blog Post!

Reviewing LORIBORIII’S Blog Post!

Hey everyone! Today I was scrolling through the makeup tag looking for blog posts to read and stumbled upon LORIBORII’s blog. I read her review on the Morphe 35M Boss Mood pallet. I loved how she started the post with “hello, friends” it really made me feel welcome and ready to read what she had to say. Today I want to take some time to highlight her blog and review her Morphe 35M post!

She starts her Morphe 35M Boss Mood pallet review explaining how she has never tried out any of Morphe’s pallets due to their usual controversy and inconsistencies. Lori acknowledges how a lot of the Morphe pallets look the same which is something that I completely agree with. They usually have a bunch of naturals and browns. She also says that their packaging is not the best and could use improvement. Lori also stated the formulation of the shadows could use some tweaking. I love that she included swatches of the pallet because it makes it easier for the reader to see the formulation and color payoff.

swatches of the Morphe 35M Boss Pallet: by LORIBORIII

Overall, I completely agree with her on the pallet. Although I am an avid Morphe user I have the same thoughts on their brand. I was actually looking to buy this pallet and it made it easier to decide! I love the purples, oranges, and greens the pallet has to offer. I think it is perfect for fall and very affordable. Thank you so much to LORIBORIII for the great review! Everyone go check out her blog for more beauty news.

One thought on “Reviewing LORIBORIII’S Blog Post!

  1. Thanks so much for reading and sharing my blog post! I actually had a fun time swatching this palette because of how unique these colors are! Thank you again, and I really enjoyed reading your blog review!🥰💕

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